DNOffer Domain Auction

Draft Proposal - January 2016 Exclusive UK Domain Name Sale
A unique opportunity to purchase some of the very best unused UK domains

For sale by tendered offer, an extensive portfolio of essential UK e-commerce domains including a number of website addresses formerly operated under the LateRooms and EasyCover group of companies.

Example domains included in the sale:
			bargains.co.uk bargain.co.uk
			vouchers.co.uk voucher.co.uk
			holidaydeals.co.uk holidaydeals.com
			easycover.co.uk easycover.com
			deals.co.uk deal.co.uk
			offers.co.uk offer.co.uk
The domains will be sold individually, but where there are clear sister names eg. plurals, com/uk versions we may accept offers for groups of names. All UK domains include the newly released .uk version rights.

Bids will be displayed on an auction page. There will be no fixed closing date, offers can be left open, increased, decreased or cancelled as required.

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In addition there are a number of associated .com domains which will also made available Com domain list

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